Element Cheeba Ghost Train 100ml Short Fill

Cheeba by Element - Ghost Train Haze - Short Fill 100ml

Cheeba by Element

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Ghost Train Haze - Element E-Liquid Cheeba Series.A Terpene-infused e-liquid line. Cultivated by Element e-Liquid. An indica/sativa hybrid, this native Colorado strain, is known for its piney scent with hints of sweet anise, grenadine, and sour under tones.
Cheeba E-Liquids are cultivated by Element E-Liquids, and feature the addition of 'Terpenes', which are fragrant organic compounds that give mother nature's floras their own unique aromatic essence.
Cheeba gives you the best of both worlds; all of the aromatic scents and flavors of high-grade cannabis without making you “high”.
There is zero CBD or THC in this product.
Main Features
Nicotine: 0mg (3mg when you add 2(two) 18mg 10ml nicotine shots)
Size: 100ml (120ml bottle)
Ratio: 70/30 VG/PG ratio
Flavour Profile: Pine, Aniseed & Grenadine Sour.
Compatible with all sub ohm devices.

Other Features

- Childproof lid
- Tamper proof seal
- Made in the U.S.
- TPD Compliant

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